Business consulting

The purpose of our existence is to support clients who want growth and development along the way, help them overcome obstacles and step up on the next level.

Most companies face various problems in business, and due to lack of quality managers, knowledge and competencies, due to poor and inadequate management, they do not achieve employee engagement and motivation.

A business consultant is an expert who can help you achieve better business results or solve a problem.

Our clients are small, medium and large companies that face different business obstacles, and we help them develop business competencies, improve processes and business results.

The goal of business consulting is to improve the client’s knowledge and skills after the completion of the process and to advance to the level where he wants to be.

How we do it?


Today’s trends are pushing the boundaries of business excellence and implying that every successful manager, CEO or business owner has a mentor.

Why is this important?

A mentor is an objective, impartial person who is not emotionally attached to your business, has the experience and knowledge, and sees a broader picture of you. Serves you for:


Asking questions


Exchange of views


Sharing experiences

Fresh ideas
Thinking about different solutions
Encouraging delegation and quality decision making
Good team leadership
Developing your business competencies
Increasing the potential of your leaders

The highlight of your and your mentor’s business relationship is coaching, i.e. the stage where through quality guidance and the right questions you come up with a solution, you know what it means for your company and you always have the answer to the question WHAT IF?
“If you can’t change yourself, you are not the change maker!” – Gordana Kadoić

How can a mentor help you, in what area and when?

Business trainings

Learning by doing

This type of training serves to learn and apply new skills and competencies in your workplace, in your business environment. Whether you are a small entrepreneur or run a large business, the most important resource is your people.

As you invest in new machines, innovations, digitization, as you care for the environment, you are socially aware, or you may be a big-hearted humanitarian and selflessly help others, think about how you can best help yourself and your business.

We will recommend this service if:

You want to encourage change
You want to develop the skills and knowledge of your employees
You want motivated and engaged employees
You feel your business needs new energy and motivation
You think you need to be competitive in the market
Expect a top result in business
Do you want business training tailored to your needs?

Business trainings like this are tailored to your needs and imply

Good knowledge of the client, his current and desired situation
Prepared plan of pre-activity and post-activity
Initial situation recording (realistic field assessment – setting up KPIs to monitor progress)
Perform a training or training cycle with targeted employees
Post-training knowledge and competency assessment (shadowing in the field)

“Organizations with a strong learning culture outperform others.” – Gordana Kadoić



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