About us

ADRIA CORPORATE is a company specialized in education and business consulting.

We help companies, managers, teams and individuals make the leap to a higher level of business, be successful and stay motivated. We develop business competencies with clients, improve processes and business results. The purpose of our existence is to support clients who want growth and development along the way, help them overcome obstacles and step up on the next level. We have experience in business in domestic and international companies in sales, distribution and management positions, we successfully combine experience and practice, and we transfer our knowledge to you. We have experience in educational management and according to your needs we create steps to better business results.

New trends are pushing the boundaries of business excellence!



Our vision is:

  • to foster an entrepreneurial spirit within organizations and employees
  • to be leaders in your personal and professional development

Our mission is:

  • to inspire you to action
  • to encourage you to excellence
  • to help you identify the key elements to solving the challenge
  • to develop you  through learning
  • to offer you a quality and interactive service
  • to encourage you in a learning culture to supplement your knowledge and refine your skills

The values we cherish are:

  • openness
  • professionalism
  • systematic
  • proactivity
  • persistence

Organizations with a strong learning culture outperform others.

Companies that are constantly investing in education more easily attract, engage and retain high potential talent, thereby creating a comparative advantage in the market.

Investing in people is the most profitable investment today!

Our team

Gordana Kadoić, MSc in Economics, expert in managing companies, sales teams and managers, started her career 25 years ago and has been involved in all forms of sales ever since, climbing the managerial steps of many domestic and international companies.

Increasing sales, reducing costs, optimizing business, opening new customer channels and developing teams are just some of her accomplishments during which she trained many teams and individuals, passed on knowledge and prepared them for new challenges.

The FMCG industry and direct sales accomplished her managerial, sales, presentation and communication skills in working with world-renowned companies such as Procter & Gamble, Mondelez International, Danone, Fructal, Pringles, and her international engagement with the senior management team of Swedish cosmetics company Oriflame, The CE (Central Europe) region is valuable in its training and business consulting experience.

Gordana has held more than 150 educations, trainings, workshops and seminars in Croatia and abroad.

She is the first graduate of the School of Trainers by Elevate and a member of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council). 2019 joins the Cherie Blair Foundation alumni after completing the mentoring process for women entrepreneurs globally.
She is a frequent guest at conferences at home and abroad and participates in various panel discussions on sales, management, leadership and professional development.

External associates

Tihana Dragičević

Tihana Dragicevic is a coach, trainer and mentor. She has worked at leading global companies such as Allianz and Bayer in national and regional human development positions. She upgraded her college professor’s degree with two more certified international ones and became COACH, Oxford Coaching & Mentoring School (EMCC accredited) and NLP MASTER, Richard Bandler. She has been the chair of the Croatian Coaching Association for three years and twice a year holds Practicing Coaching and Mentoring training in the Netherlands.

She has over 10 years of experience in education, specifically 8 years in coaching and training of individuals, companies and associations. She is committed to excellence in every respect and believes that we are all our masterpiece. Contributes most to the topics of leadership, individual and team coaching, SDI® motivation and conflict, communication, personal / team development and trainer training through the TRAINER’s SCHOOL and coaches training through an accredited COACH’s SCHOOL, internationally recognized by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Sandro Kraljević

In his professional work, Sandro is primarily engaged in applied business psychology. His area includes consulting services in the field of human resources management, evaluation and development of employees and managers regardless of their hierarchical level and type of activities, business training and education for the purpose of soft skills development, business and life coaching, and generally improving the business of companies through human development.

He is a Certified NLP and Mindfulness Practitioner and Autogenous Training Practitioner, and soon a Certified NLP Master and NLP Trainer. He is also currently in the process of training for a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist whose methods he actively uses in working with clients through various forms of psychological counseling. He also holds over 50 certifications and tools in the fields of Psychological Assessment, Applied Psychology, Human Development, Digital Marketing and Branding.

Ksenija Slovenec

Ksenija is a business consultant, interim manager and educator. With more than 18 years of professional experience in the German supply chain and as the head of an international procurement team for 4 countries, Ksenia has successfully concluded more than 10,000 contracts with foreign and domestic suppliers. She has shown her leadership skills as a Country Manager for Croatia, leading a foreign company whose turnover has increased by 80%, and opened new sales channels in the Baltic countries, Ukraine, Romania, Greece and Cyprus.

Her specialty is restructuring the purchasing department, building effective procurement, transferring knowledge in negotiation, category management, brand development, SRM (supplier relationship management), sales and profitability growth, organization of work processes within the organization according to the German model.

She is a member of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and MBA Croatia.

Indira Popadić – Novi Sad

Indira is a strategist for company development, sales and top management. She is an expert in sales skills development, development and leadership of teams, managers and their potential, with a focus on sales growth and concrete results. She is a Certified Business Consultant and Certified Mentor for SME Services. She is a PhD student at the Faculty of Engineering – Department of Engineering Management, Faculty of Engineering Bor, Belgrade University, and is also an International Internal and External Auditor for ISO 9001: 2015 QMS.

Indira has 27 years of experience in entrepreneurship and has managed wholesale and retail for 20 years. More than 1000 hours of sales strategy training and 1500 coaching hours of management skills.

Her consulting service projects are: Pointers travel Croatia, Alex fashion Serbia, Livestock Serbia, Urban Equipment Serbia, Gamapet Serbia, Measure Decor Serbia, NS Poster Serbia.

Create your development path with us!

Do you wish to develop yourself in a leader with remarkable business skills?
Do you tend to personal and professional development?
Are you aware that your business needs a new direction, you wish development and results, but don’t know how to achieve it?
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Do you wish to step forward on a new level of communication skills and improve relations and business?
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