Reach new level
of business and personal development

Wellcome to new level of your business and personal development!

You have already done the first step and that is decision to reach excellence. Our purpose is to support clients who are ready for growth and development.

What can Adria Corporate Education offer to you as a partner?

  • 1


    • Competencies, character
    • Integrity, capabilities, results
    • Customer care, openness, skills
    • Knowledge, credibility
    • Experience, performance
  • 2


    • Long experience on managers positions
    • Proven track record
    • Knowing market opportunities, recognizing clients potentials and  market niches
    • Experience in different economic activities
    • Work experience with managers, team leaders and team members
  • 3


    • Encourage the willingness of clients to change
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Pre-activity and post-activity
    • Support during transformation process
    • Continuous monitoring of client

What we do?

We develop business competencies, improve processes and business results at clients.

We help companies, managers and teams to make a step on higher level of their business, to be successful and stay motivated.

Success is hiden inside us when we decide to step out of comfort zone and when we are ready to learn something new.

How can we help you?

  • We help our clients to overcome obstacles and step on to the next level
  • We have experience in economy in domestic and international companies on different sales, distribution and management positions.
  • We sucsessfully combine experience and practise with transfering wealthy knowledge to you
  • We own experience in education management and according to your needs we create steps to better business result

If you have asked yourself at least one of these questions, we will be more than happy to answer each of your questions and send you more details about specific education

Create your development path with us!

  • Do you wish to develop yourself in a leader with remarkable business skills?
  • Do you tend to personal and professional development?
  • Are you aware that your business needs a new direction, you wish development and results, but don't know how to achieve it?
  • Do you ask yourself how to improve your sales skills?
  • Do you wish to step forward on a new level of communication skills and improve releations and business?
  • Do you need a business coach or mentor?
  • We are here for you 24/7